Facebook Chat DeskTop

Facebook Chat DeskTop Version 1.3.5 Free

Chatting program for Facebook that will enable you to communicate with friends without interfering with your browser

Chatting with friends is great. Unless of course they're friends you're totally fed up with and can't wait for them to have a bizarre peacock related accident. However, most friends don’t belong to that type and are actually fun to chat with. People today communicate with friends through Facebook. That's where they keep contact details. This means, that every time you want to get in touch with friends, you have to launch your browser, access Facebook, log in, and only then can you chat with your friends.
Facebook Chat DeskTop, is a compact application designed to meet this exact need. It's basically a free instant messenger (IM) that enables you to chat with your Facebook friends directly from your desktop.
It sports an advanced GUI which lets you know which of your Facebook friends are online or offline. You can connect to it directly without having to launch a browser and log into Facebook. Its message notification mechanism doesn’t get in the way as it lets you know when you receive an instant message.
It supports numerous chats held at the same time that can be initiated simply by clicking on your friend in the software program's interface. This way you get to chat with your Facebook friends without having to put with Facebook's other distractions.
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